COVID-19 Vaccination Update

Thursday 11 February 2021

Call for People Aged 70 and Over and those who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable To Contact NHS For A COVID-19 Jab

People aged 70 and over, and those who are clinically extremely vulnerable, who have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19 and who would like to be are today being asked to contact the NHS to arrange a jab.

Until now the NHS has asked people to wait until they are contacted to help ensure that those who are most vulnerable are protected first - and that remains the case for most people.

However, to ensure absolutely everyone who is currently eligible is offered the vaccine, people aged 70 and over, and those who are clinically extremely vulnerable, can now contact the NHS in Knowsley so they can be vaccinated by the middle of this month. 

Patients aged 70 and over, and those who are clinically extremely vulnerable, can now book an appointment using Knowsley’s dedicated booking line on 0151 244 4121. This local line is for patients registered with a Knowsley GP practice to book a vaccination at a GP-led site in Knowsley.

Alternatively, for those aged 70 and over, a vaccine can be booked through the national booking service which can be accessed at This will provide patients with an appointment at a nationally led mass vaccination centre. The system allows patients to choose a time slot and location that suits them.

Anyone unable to book online can call 119 free of charge, anytime between 7am and 11pm seven days a week.


Many who have not yet booked an appointment are already receiving follow up letters and phone calls this week to encourage them to take up the offer of a jab.

GP teams have been asked to contact their clinically extremely vulnerable patients, who have been asked to shield, to ensure they have been offered the vaccine.

Anyone who received a letter in 2021 asking them to shield, should also receive an invitation from their local family doctor as well as an invitation from the national booking service inviting them for a jab.

People in priority groups who are given a vaccination appointment by both their local GP team and the National Booking Service should cancel the one they do not want so the slot can be used by someone else.

Health and social care workers, who are also among the top four priority groups for vaccination, should speak to their employer about arranging their jab.

In under ten weeks, the health service has in England delivered 11 million vaccinations. Information about the next groups to be vaccinated will be announced soon.

Vaccine Invitation Letter

If you are aged 80 or older you may have received a letter from the NHS nationally inviting you to book your vaccine by visiting a website or calling 119 - please don't worry if you are struggling to get through on the phone or have gone online and find that the sites on offer are too far to travel to.

Seven mass vaccination sites have been set up by the NHS nationally, and are running alongside local GP-led vaccination centres with the aim of offering as many options to people as possible to get vaccinated. We have 2 sites vaccinating people aged 80 and over in Knowsley at the moment and we are also vaccinating in our care homes.

If you have received a letter but you don’t want to attend one of these sites outside of Knowsley you will still be able to have your vaccine at our local GP-led sites, you will be contacted directly by your GP practice in the next 2 weeks.

Details of how GP practices in Knowsley are working together to vaccinate patients in the priority groups.

GP practices in Knowsley are beginning to invite people aged 80 and over to have the Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine – this brief update explains more about how the process works.

Whilst we understand people will be keen to know when they are likely to have their COVID-19 vaccination, there is no need for patients to contact their GP practice, or any other NHS organisation, to ask for their vaccination – or to request one for a member of their family – they will be invited when it is time for them to be vaccinated, either by a letter or a phone call.

The borough’s GP practices are working together to vaccinate patients, so patients might not be contacted by their usual practice, and patients will attend one of the vaccination hubs rather than their practice, they will be told where to attend when they are invited in. When they have had their first vaccination patients will be given an appointment for their second dose.

Not all areas of the borough have started vaccinating yet, so patients should not be worried if they or a family member is over 80 but hasn’t heard anything so far. Patients might know others over 80 who have been invited for their vaccination already, but that doesn’t mean that they are a lower priority. GPs and other practice staff are working hard to vaccinate people in this priority group as quickly as possible, and during January many more people will be invited in. Patience is requested please as we are only at the start of the vaccination programme and it will take some time to get everyone vaccinated.

General informtion about the COVID-19 vaccine and priority groups can be found here: