Commissioning Policy

Whilst the majority of services the CCG commissions are for the whole of its population, some are only clinically effective in very specific situations or for a very small group of patients. In such cases, the CCG has a group of statements enabling it to decide whether to commission services for the population as a whole or individual patients, having assessed if there is evidence that the proposed treatment is clinically effective and that the patient would see a demonstrable benefit from receiving it.

CCGs are legally obliged to have in place and publish arrangements for making decisions and adopting policies on whether particular health care interventions are to be made available.

The Commissioning Policy states these arrangements and acts as guidance for patients, clinicians and other referrers in primary and secondary care setting out both the criteria under which treatment will be funded without the need for prior approval by the CCG, as well as those which will not be funded unless prior approval has been confirmed.

These commissioning policies are developed with other Clinical Commissioning Groups in Cheshire and Merseyside. The current policy was reviewed during 2018/19 and adopted by the CCG's Governing Body in August 1.

The Commissioning Policy can be found here.

The Subfertility Policy which forms part of the Commissioning Policy can also be found here. This is due to be reviewed in 2018/19.
The Local guidance in respect of minor skin lesions can be found here.